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About Us

Fincorpo.com holds leading positions internationally in the field of rendering business services. Observing maximum confidentiality, we provide solutions to complex problems you need to tackle.

Having 20 years of experience in this field, we adjust to the requirements of even the most demanding customers, providing efficient solutions taking account of the long-term perspective.

Some of our customers have been with us since the company’s foundation day and now we provide services to the next generation – from father to son; they receive an ideal combination of performance, speed and efficiency, which underpin our success and reputation.

Over the last two decades, Fincorpo.com has been witnessing the ups and downs of the financial markets, has experienced two serious crises and changes to the banking system. In spite of the difficult economic situation, the group has been constantly growing and developing the quality of the rendered services, which has manifested in opening dozens of offices worldwide.

Constant complexities in the business field dictate the need for more than one partner. Thus, the necessity arises to utilise different experts (economists, lawyers, tax experts or accountants), who provide consultations within the framework of their competency., Fincorpo.com has united different multilingual experts in a team for this exact purpose, which has a global and precise vision of the situation and steps forward as a single front in protecting the interests of the customer.

The philosophy of the Fincorpo.com Group presupposes obtaining real advantages for our clients. This responsibility is rooted among all of our employees, who continuously enrich their knowledge, experience and skills by means of a lifelong education and participation in different seminars and conferences.

It is our responsibility to process every inquiry of the customer in the same way we do with our own businesses, guaranteeing strict customer confidentiality and absolute respect to his anonymity.